Nursery Rooms

The children are split into 3 age bands Squirrels, Moles and Badgers.

Your child will be settled into the appropriate room.  As all children are unique we do not necessarily move them on to the next age room on their birthday.  Some children are ready to move earlier than others whilst other children take longer to accept the room change and settle.  

Our staff team will ensure that you child is safe and that their day is full of fun activities to promote their learning through play.


Babies to 2 years            Staffing ratio 1-3

During your settling in visits the staff will ask you lots of questions about your child and their daily routine so we can follow it as closely as possible. 

Each day our staff in Squirrels will set up a variety of activities for your baby to enjoy which will be changed on a regular basis to keep your baby's natural curiosity stimulated. 

Our role play area gives the older babies the chance to act out scenes from home that are familiar to them and offers lots of opportunities for language development.  For coordination and motor skills we have a wide selection of blocks, bricks and puzzles and our collection of soft toys and cushions in the book corner give the perfect place to snuggle up for a cuddle and a story.

Craft activities and sand and water play are always popular and we will ask you to bring your child in with suitable clothes for play and spare clothing for when they get messy.

Outdoors our baby rooms have their own ‘safe’ area to use when the older children come out to play.  We will ask you to supply sun cream and a sun hat in the summer and suitable warm waterproof clothing in the winter.

You will need to supply formula milk and bottles until you baby is on cows milk which we will then provide.

We understand that it is not always easy leaving your baby.  Our experienced and qualified staff will liaise with you as we believe you are the expert on your child and we want to offer the very best start in life for them that we can.


Age 2-3 years                         Staffing ratio 1-4

We will arrange settling in sessions for new children and children moving on through the nursery.

The children in Moles are becoming more independent and to support this we offer a learning environment that allows them choices and gives them the opportunity for decision making.  Examples of this are dressing themselves, helping to lay the table, serving meals and choosing snacks and helping themselves to drinks at any time.

Our rooms have resources at the children's level allows choices about the activities they would like to explore.  The staff team will expand on their choices and introduce new items, enabling the staff to scaffold their learning.  Having duplicate toys helps our toddlers to learn sharing skills.

In our outdoor area the children can hone their physical skills as we offer a wide range of equipment for climbing, jumping, cycling, running, skipping, balancing and digging.

Through observations we use each individual child's interest as a basis to plan activities that will enhance learning and develop their skills.


Age 3-5 years                       Staffing ratio 1-8

Our Pre School rooms are laid out to allow the children to choose which activity they would like to play with.  The construction and role play areas give them the chance to use their imaginations and make up wonderful games whether they are firemen, builders, mummies and daddies, astronauts or shop keepers.  The maths area includes a computer with age appropriate games,  weighing and measuring equipment, matching games and puzzles so the children are learning whilst they are playing.  A snuggle in the book corner with a favourite story can take your child into a fantasy world or help them explore their feelings and emotions. 

Our art and craft activities will offer your child the chance to produce a masterpiece to take home or display in the play room.  (Our staff team will have no expectations of how a piece of artwork should look so all children are praised and feel valued.)

Group time is where we all sit together and learn to listen to each other and discuss topics such as the seasons, birthdays, holidays or families.  We spend time with our children encouraging writing skills, recognising numbers and colours, and using their interests to plan future activities.

Our garden gives our children the chance to further develop their physical skills with a wide range of outdoor resources.  The ‘Den’ has become a firm favourite with the building blocks and tents giving rise to fantastic imaginative play.  The children love the learning cycle of growing in our vegetable plots and enjoy preparing and cooking food they have grown.



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