At St George's we focus on encouraging children’s independence and choice by offering continuous provision to support each child's learning.  Continuous provision means the children can access all resources for most of each day and choose what they would like to play with.  This is supported by the staff adding extra items to extend each childs learning.

Our nursery rooms are set out to cover all areas in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) so the children have access to relaxing book areas, construction toys, role play, music, art and craft activities, sand and water, maths areas and our large garden.   

We encourage our children to be active learners indoors and outside and to explore and investigate a range of learning activities with age appropriate resources whilst having lots of fun.  We believe teaching a young child that learning is fun will give them a thirst for learning that will stay with them throughout their life.  Allowing children choices from an early age enables them to become confident at making choices when options are open to them.

We have diverse resources in all areas as we have children with varying abilities and cultures.  This gives the children the chance to explore backgrounds and cultures that differ from their own. 

The staff team are strong role models teaching the children to listen to and respect other people. .  Consistency of staff is important for the children so each room has a Senior Childcare Leader and Nursery Nurses.  To cover absences we have a floating staff team and a bank of supply staff who work in all areas.  Our staff are fully qualified, training to gain appropriate qualifications, or are nursery assistants with many years experience.  Regular training sessions in house or by outside agencies keep the staff team up to date with fresh ideas.

We aim to provide our nursery children with a fun filled day full of learning opportunities that will prepare them when they move on to start the next exciting stage in their life.


Tel: 01892 543982 |  Tunbridge Wells | Kent |  Registered Charity no: 802017