We offer excellent facilities and play space. The playroom accommodates a variety of indoor activities:- board games, craft activities, snooker, computer games, PlayStation, dressing-up, toys and the children have their own Wii and computer. An adjoining room provides a comfortable area for TV and quiet reading.  

Whilst we encourage children to participate in games and activities rather than watch TV we do recognise that there are times when your child will want to see a favourite programme or will just relax quietly.

We have superb outdoor facilities and constantly rotate the variety of activities to occupy, challenge and entertain your child. The outdoor tarmac area adapts for football, netball and for the use of scooters, pogo sticks and stilts. (Because every child would need their own personal safety helmet to ensure a perfect fit, we are unable to supply helmets that fit exactly but parents are welcome to provide their child's own).


Our home cooked menu offers a wide variety of food for the children's afternoon tea: i.e. Spaghetti bolognaise, jacket potatoes with various toppings, sausages & mash, lamb curry & rice, party tea etc., together with a dessert of: i.e. apple crumble, fruits, homemade jelly & ice cream etc. Fresh fruit, milk and water are available at all times.


Tel: 01892 543982 |  Tunbridge Wells | Kent |  Registered Charity no: 802017